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About Us

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“With Biotechnology improving man’s future, we at TCN have brought that future to reality and created a revolutionary novel clinical decision support tool that provides you with an individualized cancer treatment plan tailored just for you. Because of the uniqueness of each person and what they need, we appreciate how important it is for each individual customer to feel cared for, trusted, and supported when it comes down to getting care.”

We Are Here to take Utmost Care of Your Well Being

Treat cancer now is a collaboration platform between the experts of Oncodynamix and STAMOD Lifesciences. We have created a translational platform and distributed computing tool that effectively applies Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the identification of novel and practical therapeutic drug classes.

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OncoDynamiX Lifesciences is a Novel Technology platform company for personalized Cancer Treatment and drug discovery and Development. OncoDynamiX has developed a technology platform that combines lab techniques with multi-omics data to decode the cancer biology of a patient in predicting the clinical response of a cancer patient to specific cancer to a specific drug or combination of drugs. Technology has the potential to offer personalized therapy to every cancer patient in the world by reducing treatment costs and improving clinical outcomes. This is the future of Personalized Therapy…

Why Us?

Artificial intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry. We are leaders in using artificial intelligence to give you a robust understanding of your body, its processes, and how the disease affects it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly expanding due to its power and ability to treat cancer by attacking it at a cellular level. It is at the core of our clinical precision oncology platform. Tumors are comprehensively studied to determine which treatment would be most appropriate for each individual. Consequently, we vow to develop effective medicines for every type of cancer known today. Cancer treatments help patients choose the right solution tailored just for them. Specific predictions offer an accuracy of up to 88%.

Choosing Right Pathway

Treat cancer now is founded on the idea that precision, when applied to lifesaving drugs and technologies, leads to true innovation in medical oncology. In addition, treating cancer delivers proper, individualized treatment for every patient, leading to more reliable outcomes. We are a data-driven oncology company that uses “big data” to personalize therapies and provides care management to each patient. We combine state-of-the-art technology, advanced techniques, and personalized treatment to create a tailored care program for each patient. We dedicate our passion to decreasing the world’s cancer scenario with a positive approach.

TCN focuses on Cancer Patients, Patient Treatment, and Patient Care
Enabling Cancer to be Treated Successfully

Treat Cancer Now (TCN) is a healthcare solutions company from the United States that works as a delivery platform worldwide for cancer patients, oncologists, and hospitals. TCN assists cancer patients by bringing the OncoDynamiX NeoTox and Oncemblex cancer therapy recommendations for the right drug to treat Cancer (any stage) unique to each patient for maximum success and efficacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve cancer survival rates by making it easier for doctors to predict which treatments will be most effective for each patient based on their unique medical profile. Treat Cancer Now’s mission is to find new ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to save lives. In addition, our goal is to help predict which patients respond best to specific cancer treatments based on their medical history.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where no one dies from Cancer because we’ve made it easy for doctors to predict which treatments will work best for each patient based on their unique medical profile using artificial intelligence.

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