Cancer Types

Cancer Types

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With Biotechnology improving man’s future, we at TCN have brought that future to reality and created a revolutionary novel clinical decision support tool that provides you with an individualized cancer treatment plan tailored just for you. Because of the uniqueness of each person and what they need, we appreciate how important it is for each individual customer to feel cared for, trusted, and supported when it comes down to getting care.

We are a global organization with offices in many countries around the world. We pride ourselves on being an innovative leader in our space, which means we’re always looking for new ways to improve our work. Our goal is to provide excellence across all areas of patient care so that our patients can focus on what’s most important: their own goals and objectives.

Our clinics, hospitals, and physicians deliver the highest quality care. We believe in empowering our partners to prioritize patient care. Together we can advance treatment survival, immunology, and preventive care for better patient outcomes.In Cancer Care, we have partnered with OncoDynamiX, leaders of cutting-edge technology, to provide the right drug to each unique patient for Cancer treatment with a recovery and survival rate of more than 90%. We can treat all stages of cancer, including those who have been told to move to palliative care. As a result, our patient outcomes are the best in the world. Founded with an investment from ALCOR, Treat Cancer Now a subsidiary of STAMOD Healthcare Inc, provides strategic, operational, and administrative support to our partner practices, empowering physicians to focus on their patients.

Adrenal Cancer


Ampullary Cancer


Anal Cancer

Multiple Myeloma

Appendix Cancer

Neuroendocrine Tumors

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Oral Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Blood cancers

Ovarian Cancer

Bone Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Brain Cancer

Pediatric Cancer

Breast Cancer

Penile Cancer

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