How -Precision treatment?

OncoDynamiX performs the analysis using NeoTox or Oncemblex and recommends the right chemotherapy drug or combination of drugs that can lead to a higher than 90 percent survival rate.

Our Process

The oncologist and doctor complete the patient medical assessment and recommend a tissue sample – FFPE Block or send the NGS Report. TCN then present to the OncoDynamiX treatment report to oncologist/hospitalist for appropriate treatment and monitor the progress.

Benefits and timeline

Our system has a 90%+ success rate, it’s fast-acting at under six months, and inexpensive at reducing the total cost of treatments by 75%. We also tailor the perfect form of treatment just for you.

About us

Treat cancer with us

Cancer research has long been a challenge because patients never react identically to treatments.Advanced cancer stages make it worse, but that’s where OncoDynamix comes in! Using cutting-edge NeoTox and Oncemblex technology, these innovative treatments use FDA-approved drugs on individual tumors, destroying them out by over 85% – which means we’re saving lives and changing cancer treatment forever. Treat Cancer Now assists in a systematic and smooth process for patients globally to get access to the drug recommendation from our well-trained physicians who know all about treatment delivery and get treated locally or internationally.

OncoDynamix Team – Our partners

Meet the Team

Sundaresh Babu
Co-Founder and CEO
    Ramesh Jayaraman
    Co-Founder and CSO
      George Molakal
      Co-Founder and Global Director
        Priyanka Bhargav
        Head of Cancer biology

          Medical Advisory Board​

          Dr. K. Pavitran
          Prof . HOD, Amritha Hospitals
            Dr. Ganapathi Bhat
            Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai
              Dr. Jayanthi Thumsi
              Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore
                Dr Gareth Morris-Stiff
                Surgeon, Oncologist, Researcher
                  Dr. Satish Kamath
                  Medical Oncologist, Mumbai
                    Dr. Fahad Afzal
                    Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

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                      did You Know?

                      Cancer cases predicted to rise by 2035
                      0 %
                      of all malignancies are breast , colorectal and lung cancers
                      1 million
                      Global lung cancer mortality toll by 2035

                      What is

                      Cancer is the world’s second most significant cause of mortality; it refers to any of a wide range of disorders defined by the formation of abnormal cells that proliferate uncontrolled and can invade and destroy normal human tissue.

                      know the

                      Cancer may exhibit signs including fever, excessive exhaustion, or weight loss. This might be because cancer cells consume a large portion of the body’s energy.

                      your risk

                      Check particular symptoms
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                      TCN Offers Precise Treatment,
                      Not Across The Board Treatments

                      TCN partners with Neotox and Oncemblex to provide consistent treatment options. The unique
                      advantages that set us apart include.

                      • Seamless biopsy testing and analysis or NGS report analysis
                      • Identifying which FDA-approved or Clinical trial drugs work best for different cancers and what
                        dosage should be used;
                      • Helping identify those at higher risk of developing dangerous side effects;

                      Suggesting treatments when traditional methods have failed. This means there’s no one-size-fits-all
                      solution, but TCN strives to find the answer for every person who comes through our doors.

                      Living Beyond Stage 4 Carcinoma With Treat Cancer Now

                      All of our previous treatments were not working; thankfully, we found one that did work for me – and it even helps heal cancer tumors! Being in a clinical trial saved my life. I will never forget how grateful I am to the people who helped make this all possible. From just two months ago, when doctors said that my brain tumor was beyond repair, now there’s no sign of cancer at all. They’re saying it may go away entirely if I continue with the treatment plan they suggested to us; meanwhile, healthier cells are growing back inside of me thanks to this new procedure. Doctors couldn’t believe how quickly things turned around for me, but it seemed like everything would work out if we just took one chance at doing something different. So far, so good.

                      Your treatment journey at Us

                      Analysis of your Medical History

                      Our Team of highly-skilled medical experts examines your medical history to recommend the best course of therapy and map out your care path.

                      Pre-Arrival Consultation

                      Getting treatment overseas for cancer can be both difficult and expensive. We’re here to help – we’ll talk to you about your options and guide you through the process of getting affordable, high-quality treatment outside of your home country.

                      Global Cancer Care & Travel Arrangements

                      want you to focus on improving, so leave everything up to us! From now until when this ends, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way.

                      A Stress-Free Health Journey

                      Our global health services specialists will be there with you every step of the way when it comes to your hospital stay – from intake forms to diagnosis and therapy. Our doctors are here to guide you on what else needs to be done after successful treatment, such as follow-up appointments if necessary.

                      Post-Hospitalization Care

                      Our Team organizes your healthcare records, helps you with your post-hospitalization inquiries, and walks you through the discharge procedure.

                      Our Team Travels Back With You

                      When you choose our medical practice for your treatment journey, you’ll feel like a part of our family. Following your procedure, our team reviews how post-operative care is necessary and evaluates what medication is best to prescribe based on your diagnosis.

                      News & Updates